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Psychological therapies for adults, children, babies and parents‚Äč



As a Clinical Psychologist, I am skilled in a range of therapies, so have flexibility to  meet each client's particular needs. I offer four main therapies:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

ACT (pronounced as the word 'act') helps clients learn new psychological skills to cope more effectively with the inevitable pain and difficulties of life. ACT helps clients identify what is really important to them in their lives, then helps find ways to act on these values to move towards a rich, full and meaningful life. ACT is a flexible, often short-term therapy, focused on current problems and helping clients make effective choices about how they behave. ACT is an evidence-based therapy effective with a wide range of difficulties and can help adults, older children, adolescents and parents.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT helps clients understand the link between their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, using practical methods to challenge unhelpful thought patterns and change behaviour. CBT is an evidence-based therapy effective with a wide range of difficulties and can help adults, older children and adolescents.

Parent - Infant Psychology

This involves working with babies or young children and their parent(s) or carer(s) together. Therapy may focus on practical ways to handle current difficulties such as sleep problems. It may also  address any emotional or psychological difficulties the parent/carer  has now, or has had in their childhood, addressing how these difficulties may be impacting on parenting. This  understanding helps the parent(s) or carer(s) in the ongoing development of their relationship with their baby or young child. This therapeutic approach  is informed by attachment and psychodynamic theories and evidence about what promotes healthy baby and child development.

Integrative approach

This is longer-term or more in-depth therapy, often informed by psychodynamic and attachment theories. An integrative approach allows children to explore difficult issues in their lives, through developing a trusting relationship with their therapist. Therapy may involve non-verbal methods, such as play and art, which allow children to express their anxieties and learn helpful ways to deal with internal conflict.

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