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Psychological therapies for adults, children, babies and parents‚Äč


Parents and babies

I am here to help if you would like support to develop a happy and healthy relationship with your baby or young child, practical advice about issues such as sleep, feeding, or toilet-training, or a chance to address any worries you may have about the challenges of being a parent.

Common problems I can help with include:

  • struggles adjusting to becoming a parent
  • difficulties bonding with your baby and establishing a loving relationship
  • sleep, feeding and weaning, toilet-training and separation difficulties
  • temper 'tantrums' and behaviour managment
  • post-natal depression, anxiety or 'baby blues'
  • previous emotional or psychological difficulties, including from your own childhood,  that affect how you are as a parent now 

Types of therapy

Parent-Infant Psychology is based on evidence about what promotes healthy baby and child development. I usually work with the parent(s) or carer(s) together with the baby or young child, although occasionally may see adults alone (including during pregnancy if appropriate).  With consent I may liaise with other people involved such as nursery staff.

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