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Mindfulness in ACT

ACT teaches many psychological skills, including mindfulness. In ACT, mindfulness involves opening up to the inevitable pain of life, without getting too caught up in it or struggling too hard to get rid of it. This openness means we can pay attention to what is happening here and now. With focused awareness we are able to make more effective choices about how to behave. We can act guided by our values, the things that are important to us in life, to have a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Common myths about mindfulness

Mindfulness is not a religious practice, nor is it the same as relaxation, 'emptying your head' or 'controlling your thoughts'. It is a range of skills that improve with regular practice, bringing many psychological benefits.

Mindfulness has become popular recently, and there are many definitions.

ACT takes a practical approach to mindfulness and teaches many quick and simple mindfulness techniques that can be used in everyday situations without the need for meditation or long mindfulness practices.

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